There is nothing more vulnerable than a small baby, and no one more fearful than parents of a newborn who is struggling. We hope that the little things we make provide the families they are given to some comfort during an extremely difficult time.

Our Mission

To provide a piece of comfort and tenderness to infants staying in the neo-natal intensive care unit and their families during a time of immense stress.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Time to get back at it!

I've been pretty quiet over the last few weeks, but my little man became a big boy when he started JK last week and the babe is keeping me busy as well. Now it's time to buckle down and get back at it as I want to make another donation before the holiday season. I can only imagine that the families will need these even more during a time when they should be home celebrating together with their new baby and their families.

So last week I got all these cut and ready to sew . . .

And my mom made a lovely donation to the project with this new beauty!

A real sewing table I can hardly wait to get my machine on it, my stash in the drawers and get working.

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  1. What a lovely cabinet. I will be finishing up the quilt in October. I have to get backing and flannel for it. I just got out of my cast and I am working on therpy and excercises on my leg, which is very weak. I picked some very bright colours, so it should turn out very happy looking.