There is nothing more vulnerable than a small baby, and no one more fearful than parents of a newborn who is struggling. We hope that the little things we make provide the families they are given to some comfort during an extremely difficult time.

Our Mission

To provide a piece of comfort and tenderness to infants staying in the neo-natal intensive care unit and their families during a time of immense stress.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The thing that I get asked most, espeically by those who know me and my kiddos is 'Why"? I guess having two healthy boys leads them to wonder how I think of little babes. Also since they know Gracie now as the healthy girl that she is, they don't much give her beginning a second thought.

Being in the NICU last week was really something that I had tried to prepare myself for and could not. There, isolet after isolet were little tiny babes, nurses, parents, doctors, tubes, machines, and more machines. There was a whirl but also a serenity to the unit that I wish I could better explain.

About 12 hours after my visit I got the following comment here:

"Anonymous said...
The baby who received the first GracieJane quilt at the neonatal unit was my granddaughter Madilynn (Maddie). My daughter was quite thrilled to receive the quilt it was a lovely gesture and something we will always treasure. Timing was perfect as we were just recovering from a down loop on the rollar coaster of miracles at the NICU. It was very comforting for my daughter and will provide Maddie with love and comfort through out her life. Your kindness is greatly appreciated."

That sums it up. If I was even the least bit half-hearted about this project before (which I was not) I'm full steam now. So if you know me, if you read my other blog, expect to be hit up. If you can't, I completely understand, but I'm going to ask you anyways!

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