There is nothing more vulnerable than a small baby, and no one more fearful than parents of a newborn who is struggling. We hope that the little things we make provide the families they are given to some comfort during an extremely difficult time.

Our Mission

To provide a piece of comfort and tenderness to infants staying in the neo-natal intensive care unit and their families during a time of immense stress.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Progress feels good!

So I was inspired by the lovely ladies at Quilt Story to write this post today. Ever since I got the call from the NICU that we had a date to tour and donate I've been working overtime to get some quilts done with the new pattern I had chosen. There has been a little sacrifice here, in that I have used some of my favourites from my stash, I really want these babies to be able to grow up with these quilts. I want them to be something I would want to receive, and so modern great fabric it is.

I have come close to perfecting a label that I like, so all quilts will be branded in a way. If you become a donor your name will be added to the label as well.

Where do I stand as of this morning? 1 completely finished. 4 ready for the binding to be finished by hand. 1 waiting for basting and quilting. 2 waiting to be pieced. Looks like I'll have another post when everything is all done.

With progress comes challenges, so here is yours! I have given 2 of my favourite charm packs to the project, Cotton Blossom and Authentic. Do you have one in your stash you would spare for us?


  1. The quilts look wonderful. Congratulations. I'll try the pattern out fairly soon. (BTW My surname is spelled wrong on the donor list.)

  2. What a wonderful person you are to do this!

  3. We would love to feature you and your cause on quiltstory. Email me and we will get it set up and get the work out!
    Thanks so much for linking up! We hope you see you back on tuesday's with more projects!